Here at Greenman Bakery, we love to create scrumptious delights.
  • First and foremost, we consider ourselves to be an "ARTISAN" bakery. Everyting that we can make in-house, we do. Hands on at all steps of the baking process.
  • Our specialty is making bread. Naturally leavened Sourdough/Levain and Yeasted Bread.
  • We make everything from scratch using the finest ingredients we can get our mitts on.
  • We always try to use locally sourced ingredients, especially eggs and milk. (as well you should too..!).
  • We use top-notch ingredients such as Guittard, Ghiradelli, King Arthur, and Farmer's Cow.


We are located in the Central Connecticut area and although we are
baking on a limited basis for a few clients, we hope to soon be able to accomodate everyone once
we iron out our menu offerings and pricing options.
The response to our products so far has been overwhelming and we hope to be in full-swing soon.

Looking for a permanent location! Anyone willing to part with money to help us, please contact us.


Adapted from a Swedish Bread Manifesto:

Bread is one of our most important foods. We bakers who share the same core values want, with this manifesto, to express our vision of a future bakery handcraft that is both open to development and innovative ideas but just as obviously shows deep respect for tradition and culture.

• Use our knowledge and passion for the profession to bake good and beautiful bread from natural ingredients - Take responsibility for our clients' health and wellbeing
• Protect our natural environment and biodiversity
• Rediscover a rich bread culture
• Promote, develop, and share our professional heritage

• Being humble for all the natural processes that make our bread tasty, healthy and satiating. By using natural ingredients and adapt ourself to them makes our profession challenging, complex and incredibly fascinating.
• Using ingredients from farmers who treat animals with respect, promote biodiversity and use their knowledge to grow without harmful substances.
• Opting out of unnatural and genetically modified ingredients that threaten human health and natural balance, biodiversity and natural cycles.
• Taking advantage of the resources available around us by using local ingredients grown or produced in our region.
• Exploring and spreading the originals cereals that naturally thrive in our environment and climate, and engaging farmers and suppliers to make sure that the flour reach bakers across the country.
• Seeing the beauty and authenticity of our craft. Removing walls between the bakery and the shop - we have nothing to hide!
• Taking responsibility for how our profession, our craftsmanship, and our passion is handed on to future generations of bakers by opening our bakeries for trainees and apprentices.

With this manifesto, we invite you - consumers, food artisans, farmers, millers, food industries, traders, scientists, teachers, politicians and authorities - to discuss and collaborate on current and future bakery handcraft.


Baking & Transdimensional transport by:
"The Mad, but huggable, Baker..."



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